Me Tarzan

So where we live they have an acrobranche adventure parc. It’s a place in the forest where they build circuits in the treetops. Like cobwebs spun in the trees, with wheely slides, monkey bridges, suspension bridges, Tarzan jungle swings, nets to be crossed and many other acrobatics. And sometimes we go there. This is one […]

King of the hill!

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It’s all a game!

Do you like games? Off course! Everybody likes games. Me too! My favorite game is annoying people. No, I am just kidding! No, actually, I am not. I do like to annoy people! But I also like to play videogames. We have a Xbox 360 Kinect and I have a tablet. My tablet I got […]

Nature! Nature all around!

I live in a small village in the south of France and there is a lot of nature all around. There are hills and mountains and valleys where rivers flow through. It’s a great region for all kinds of nature sports, like swimming, hiking, mountainbiking, canoeing, hors riding, skiing, and so on. I am at […]