I live in a small village in the south of France and there is a lot of nature all around. There are hills and mountains and valleys where rivers flow through. It’s a great region for all kinds of nature sports, like swimming, hiking, mountainbiking, canoeing, hors riding, skiing, and so on. I am at a club who does all kinds of nature sports with kids, but mostly mountainbiking. I love that! Every wednesday and saturday there’s an activity and we make great trips throughout the region. The landscape over here is made for mountainbiking. With these small, offroad paths. Often we come back covered with dust. Or mud, when it has rained.

Also we make trips with my family. We spend afternoons at the riversite. Or we go visit the old villages with castles. Or cycling trips. Or we go hiking and bring a picknick with us. We climb a mountain and eat a sandwich on top, with a spectacular view over the valley. They also made these cycling paths on the old railroads. They were used to transport fruit from the farms to the city, but now they don’t use them anymore. So they turnes them into cycling paths and you can make trips through the region for tens of kilometres.

I’ll hope to tell a lot about the trips I make. And show a lot of pictures. So you will see that I’m not exagerating at all when I say it’s spectacular over here!

Bye for now! And hope to see you back soon!

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