Do you like games? Off course! Everybody likes games. Me too! My favorite game is annoying people. No, I am just kidding! No, actually, I am not. I do like to annoy people! But I also like to play videogames. We have a Xbox 360 Kinect and I have a tablet. My tablet I got recently, so it’s pretty new and I love to play the games I used to play on my dad’s phone on my new tablet now. The screen is so much bigger than the screen of my dad’s phone. So all the games look new now on my tablet and I replay old games like Hill Climb Racing 2. I had to restart from scratch with that one basic car and no upgrades, but I enjoyed it a lot! I am also building a zoo. It’s nice. But the game wants you to buy gems to advance and build new enclosures and buy the animals. Or you have to wait forever


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